Thanks to the major advances in technology (and dramatically reduced costs of manufacturing) more and more homeowners have the opportunity to build out full home security system complete with high definition security cameras covering every inch of their perimeter.

At the same time, not all homeowners are aware of all the different benefits that these security cameras provide – and most have no idea how inexpensively they can purchase, install, and deploy a full “security net” utilizing these cameras (even if they hire security experts to handle the installation for them).

If you’d like to know a little bit more about security cameras around your home and whether or not it is advantageous to have them set up on your property, we are going to share some of the biggest benefits to making this kind of move below.

Let’s dive right in!

Security cameras (even dummies) deter criminals

The overwhelming majority of the criminals are going to see security cameras installed around the perimeter of your home and avoid causing any trouble here, and that’s a major benefit to homeowners that don’t want to come home to their front doors kicked in, their windows smashed open, and all of their valuables stolen.

Even if you install “dummy” security cameras around your property you’ll usually be able to deter most criminals, though nothing beats the “real thing”.

Security cameras help police capture criminals that caused you harm

Believe it or not, a significant amount of the home break-ins, home invasions, and home assault cases in the United States – and all around the world, for that matter – go completely unsolved simply because local police departments are overtaxed and don’t have enough evidence to work off of.

When you have security cameras covering every square inch of your perimeter (with active monitoring and recording technology built right in) you’re going to be able to provide incredibly valuable resources to the police.

These resources are going to be used to capture the criminals that caused you harm, and they are going to be a big boost to the prosecution when it comes time to make sure that these criminals pay for invading your life and making you feel less safe.

Security cameras allow you to monitor your home and property remotely

If you have children, pets, or elderly family members that are going to be staying at your property alone and without supervision for extended amounts of time it’s probably a good idea to have a remote video system installed so that you can look in on things from time to time.

A properly installed and network security system is going to give you every opportunity to check in on things whenever you like from any Internet enabled device – including your smart phone or your tablet!

Having this extra layer of safety and security is going to give you a lot of confidence and peace of mind that wouldn’t have existed otherwise. You’ll be able to make sure that everything is on the up and up, everyone is safe, and employee emergency services if necessary – even if those that need help cannot contact emergency services themselves!